How to Prevent a Data Breach?

With the digitalization of businesses, the cases of data breaches have spiked as well. Every organization fears data theft. Now and then, companies are losing millions to cybercrime. This statistics is leading the customers into wondering whether the firms they trust with their confidential information are careful with their data. A data breach is stealing an individual or an organization’s private and confidential information and using it with foul intentions. It tarnishes the company’s reputation and drives them to immense loss. This article contains the three main ways to prevent data breaches and tighten the grip on security measures.

Select the Right Security Compliance

First off, you need to ensure that the compliance methods you are using cover the many ways your data is intimidated. Get the right compliance applied to your business according to the nature, scale, terms, severity of content information, and backup efficiency of your company. Your choice should be based on the needs of your company and not the price package, longevity, or popularity of the compliance system. Keep away from random advisory and study properly the compliance techniques you use before making your verdict. Verify that the program you are choosing is properly covering up your essential information. Read the fine prints thoroughly and go through all the clauses. Ensure that you have cleared all the confusion to avoid conflict in the future.

Impose Limitations on Access to Information

The most crucial part of information security is to keep an account of who has access to your organization’s data. Not everyone working in your company needs to have access to your data. It is suggested for you draw out restrictions on who can access your company’s confidential data. Consider having separate user accounts for different sets of information. Clear out the boundaries throughout the employee hierarchy of your organization. As for the corporeal data, we advise you to store your paperwork and file storage devices in secure lockers. Do not pile up your database in one place, and keep your files arranged in different trustworthy locations. Avoid keeping your records in the office itself.

Enforce Regular Security Audits

Apply regular security audit checkups throughout the organization. Regular audits will keep you updated about the financial and operational condition of your company. It will also help you draw out the present and potential loopholes in the organization’s virtual structure. A security audit will help you properly sieve through the entire operational shape of your company and pick out the issues to be attended to.

Following are some of the questions that you can put up during the security audit:

  • Does your organization have its information to prevent data security breach policies documented?
  • Does your organization have a management system in place, escalation profiles, and methodologies documented and tracked, and a playbook in position in the event of incidents or breaches?
  • Do you have network protection procedures applied to your organization, like the next-gen firewalls, IDS/IPS, EPP, etc.?
  • Is your company equipped with a security and log monitoring setup?
  • Are there encryption and password policies?
  • Are all of your applications tested for security flaws?
  • Do you have a change management process applied at every level within the IT environment?
  • How are the confidential files and media backed up? Do you trust whoever will be able to access this backup? Are all the restore procedures tested?
  • Did you review the auditing logs? When and how often do you check the security auditing logs?

Make sure to tick all your checkboxes every time you have a security audit checked.

These were the most important ways of preventing data breaches in your organization.

Regardless of the mentioned preventive measures, the most essential condition is to educate yourself. With misinformation comes mishandling, and with that comes mishaps. So, the very first thing you need to do is to educate yourself and your team. The more you know, the better you work!

How Can We Help You?

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