ISO 27001 vs. SOC 2 Certification

Let’s start with the introduction of this term. The ISO 27001 certification is „ISO/IEC 27001 – Information Technology — Security Techniques — Information Security Management Systems — Requirements.“

It is an information security-based standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

This organization is in partnership with the International Electro-technical Commission (IEC).

Both the companies work together to provide information security on an international level.

ISO 27001 is a part of a sequence of certifications developed by the ISO/IEC 27000 series of information security programs.

What is the ISO 27001 Framework?

ISO framework is a set of technologies provided to organizations for maintaining their security standards. All the codings a company uses to protect its data are bracketed under this set of programs.

What is the Benefit of ISO 27001?

It is a cost-efficient program to protect your data — no matter how big or small the industry/ company is or even how confidential your information determines to be!

It is the best program for protecting your confidential data.

It works based on the Information Security Management System (ISMS).

What is the Importance of ISO 27001?

It provides the organizations with the key knowledge for securing their valuable data through their programs.

Not only that — it also provides the companies with a Certification from the ISO through which they can ensure that they gain trust from their customers regarding the safety of their data.

One can also get their certifications from the ISO by attending a proper course & clearing the exam associated with it. This process can benefit them in becoming an asset for their employers — based on their talent and skills.

Plus, being an international program — it is accepted across the globe, which increases employment opportunities for individuals and organizations!

What is ISMS?

ISMS or the Information Security Management Systems are a set of rules that are to be adopted by companies to maintain these surfaces:

1. To identify companies and stakeholders and their expectations and knowledge regarding information security.

2. To set up goals — those are to be achieved using information security.

3. To determine the risks with and without using a piece of certain information.

4. To impose all the possible control and risk management methods.

5. To identify what risks can be threatening for their confidential information.

6. To define controls and other specific mitigation methods to handle potential and existing risks and meet the identified objectives.

7. To keep measuring whether the applied programs are working perfectly.

8. To make persistent changes to make the whole system of ISMS work better.

These are a set of programs, or procedures, that are a must-have for companies.

What is the Importance of ISMS?

Here listed are some uses of ISMS in companies:

1. To Achieve Competitive Advantage: Companies use ISMS to achieve a competitive advantage. ISMS benefits you with a security standard certificate that your competitors might not have — making you a preferred option for your clientele.

2. Complying with the Legal Requirements: Working with ISMS provides you with all the legal formalities that often hinder your business process. There are rules, regulations, and requirements adding to the daily operations of your business that are somewhat difficult to manage but are all covered under the ISO program.

3. Cost Efficiency: The whole policy of the ISO 27001 Certification program is to protect your data against any security risks, no matter the size of the information. By adhering to the same, you can prevent your company from any mishaps and save the cost of fixing the issue later on.

4. Efficient Organization: Large-scale companies don’t generally have the time to for defining their security procedures. This leads to the employees being confused about the task distribution amongst them.

How ISO 27001 is going to help in this problem? It motivates the employees to write down the principal procedures and their specific tasks — regardless the duties are security-related or not.

We know that ISO is an essential application for the information security of your company, where it is generated from, what is its purpose, its merits, and all about the software that it uses to protect our data. But how does it work?

How does the ISO 27001 Certification work?

The aim of ISO 27001 is to protect, arrange and provide us with the data available in our company. It starts with the identification, categorization of the problem, the root of the problem or risk, and then the means to prevent the same.

In a nutshell, there are two steps of problem identification and prevention:

1. Risk assessment, and

2. Risk mitigation

Therefore, the core purpose of the ISO 27001 Certification is to identify and manage the potential and alluding risks and resolve them by protecting the company’s valuable data against them.

The ISO 27001 does require a document called the Statement of Applicability enclosing all the controls they possess on the company’s data.

Basically, the ISO 27001 works on a loop upon the following:

1. Risk Assessment and Treatment

2. Safeguard Implementation

These are the basics of ISO 27001 Certification. A company can form it as a legal requirement for their clients to have an ISO 27001 Certification before signing any work dealing with them, on the conditions of protecting their data.

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